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Christmas present suggestions
« on: December 04, 2017, 04:10:49 PM »
With Christmas shopping in full swing, here are some accordion–related gift suggestions (i.e. suggestions you can give to others for presents for yourself).

Gordon Pattullo’s CD 'The Accordion at Christmas' – 14 tracks of Christmas music featuring multi–tracked accordions, including a Hohner bass accordion.

Freeland Barbour’s magnum opus, 'The Music and The Land', a magnificent 2–volume book (incl. slipcase) featuring ~ 450 of Freeland’s compositions and lavishly illustrated with many photographs. These are real coffee table books, if your coffee table can withstand the weight. Comes with a sampler CD of 14 tracks. The price was recently reduced on Freeland’s website, to £40 (from £60). A CD (21 tracks) is also available of the book launch concert, featuring many artists.

'Accordion Anthology' is a further title in the series by Rob Howard and includes many articles, biographies and photographs. Full description and ordering details in the attached PDF.

Finally, a special offer from the Box & Fiddle magazine – a 13–month subscription for the price of 12.
Details on the attached PDF.

(I was lucky enough to get three of these for a recent birthday).

I should have added: other CDs and books are available.
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