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Buy and Sell / Paolo Soprani 96 bass BCC# for sale.
« Last post by Bill on May 19, 2019, 04:35:18 PM »
Paolo Soprani BCC# accordion. 40 treble, 4 voice LMMM musette tuned, 5 couplers. 96 bass, 5 voice, 3 couplers.
Excellent condition. Good velvet-lined shoulder straps with back strap; new bass strap; new Fuselli deluxe padded gig bag.
Collection, or shipping at cost.

More photos on Gumtree
Music / Re: Swiss Ländler March
« Last post by Daniel McPhee on April 27, 2019, 07:32:19 PM »
Buy and Sell / Re: Shand Morino for sale on Gumtree
« Last post by Daniel McPhee on April 27, 2019, 08:43:50 AM »
Thank you Bill,
Your never sure if your doing the right thing in buying an older instrument, but I have to admit I’m pleasantly surprised at how easy the box is to play.

I recently had the offer of buying my former Shand Morino back ( 40 key / no bass couplers ) it was for sale in Glenrothes,  but decided to wait until an early Shand Morino came up.

Here is  a photograph of Edward Potts when he bought the accordion from J.T. Forbes in 1956. I believe he was a very good player who competed against Robert Whitehead in Perth championships in the early sixties.
Then a recent photograph I took when I first took the accordion home on the 6th May.
Interesting history.
I’m sure it is a 1955 model, and it’s not too heavy to play funnily enough. :)
Music / Swiss Ländler March
« Last post by Bill on April 26, 2019, 06:12:18 PM »
Elizabeth Morrison is an accomplished piano accordion player who visits Accordion & Fiddle clubs. She also videos other players there and posts the videos on YouTube. Here is a recent upload featuring Ian Cruickshanks and some marvellous second box playing by Ian McCallum: Swiss Ländler March.
Buy and Sell / Re: Shand Morino for sale on Gumtree
« Last post by Bill on April 26, 2019, 06:03:09 PM »
It’s sounding really good, Daniel.

It's worth searching YouTube for Daniel's videos on his classic Shand Morino. Here are a couple of examples: The Household Brigade and The 6.20 Two Step
Buy and Sell / Re: Shand Morino for sale on Gumtree
« Last post by Daniel McPhee on April 25, 2019, 06:43:53 AM »
A few of you will know after consideration I decided to buy the above instrument. It’s been five years since I owned a Morino , and although I've owned very nice accordions in between, I perhaps have lost sight of what a unique instrument they really are.
The model I have purchased is an early 1955 one and very nice too.
It was previously owned by a lad in the Borders, Edwin Potts. He owned it from 1955-2015 until he sadly passed away.
Cody Roberts bought it then but only had it a couple of years, during which he did a lot to the box including refurbishment, limex midi and new case.
No 30 I believe is the number of the accordion.
Teaching and Learning / Learning by watching other musicians
« Last post by Daniel McPhee on March 20, 2019, 11:23:11 AM »
I’m a great believer in studying and learning from other players.
You can learn anything of anyone and adapt it to suit your style.

Last night I watched Gordon Patullo in Wick Accordion club.

I have to say I’ve never seen such a professional flawless performance.
Not even a blemished note.
It was totally inspiring to watch indeed.
Even smiling and making eye contact with the audience.
Absolutely perfection.
I hope I can astrive to learn from someone as in control as that.
I think we all can!
Music / Echo 111 video’s
« Last post by Daniel McPhee on March 19, 2019, 02:48:57 PM »
 Hi folks

I recently bought a small Hohner Echo 111, which I must say I enjoy playing.
My main box is of course the Fantini Sharino , but the Echo handles nicely and I’ve recently had this one refurbished by John Crawford.

Due to age there’s still a little button noise, but that’s to be expected.
I’ve recorded some new YouTube video’s recently so here’s the Echo playing on the link below.
Ian C has some lovely Echo Ivs video’s on his Melodeonman 52 channel also.

I hope it sounds decent as such.
Buy and Sell / Shand Morino for sale on Gumtree
« Last post by Daniel McPhee on March 19, 2019, 02:35:20 PM »
I see a lovely Shand Morino for sale in Shropshire.
This model looks really good, a rare find these days..
Well looked after I think. Limex Midi installed.

Buy and Sell / 3 row vignoni Coimbra £1800
« Last post by buttons from barra on January 16, 2019, 08:58:31 PM »
hi have a 3 row Vignoni Coimbra ,80 bass/ 2 bass couplers, it is in excellent condition, and im looking for offers around £1800
,message me on the forum or call 07803594926
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