The Listings below are from my music library and may be of interest to BCC# accordionists

Where possible I have noted the publisher. They are not free. Some may also be out of print but quite often a good rummage around in a junk or charity shop will often turn up some real gems.



1. The Athole Collection of Dance music of Scotland 870 Tunes

Publisher Balnain House Inverness

2. Originally Ours Lead tune for Scottish Country Dances Approx 700tunes

Publisher RSCDS Edinburgh

3. Border City Collection of Felix Burns 30 Tunes for Old Tyme & Ceilidh Dances

Publisher NAAFC

4. The Glen Collection of Scottish Dance Music 280 Tunes.

Publisher Highland Music Trust

5. The Mackintosh Collections of Robt. Mackintosh 1783 /1803 357 Tunes

Publisher Highland Music Trust

6. The Marshall Collections 6 collections by William Marshall 1748 / 1833. 317 Tunes

Publisher Highland Music Trust

7. Highland Collections of The Music of seven 18th & 19th fiddle composers 500 Tunes

Publisher Highland Music Trust

8. O’Neill’s Music of Ireland. Over 1000 Fiddle Tunes

Publisher Oak Publications.

9. The Bath Medley. English Country Dances & Songs from the 18th Century

Ashton House Publications 3 George St. Bath BA1 2EH

10. The Fiddlers Tune Books 1 & 2

Publisher English Folk Dance & Song Society Cecil Sharp House 2 Regents Park Rd,

London N W 1

11. Logan’s Highland Bagpipe Music BK1 and favourite selections from Bks 3 to 8

Publisher Patersons Pubs Ltd, 36 to 40 Wigmore St. London W1

12. Army Manual of Bagpipe Tunes Bk1

Patersons Publications Ltd, 30 to 40 Wigmore St. London W1

13. PM. W Ross’s Collection of Highland Bagpipe Music

Patersons Publications Ltd 30 to 40 Wigmore St. London W1

14. The Piper’s Delight

Paterson Publications 30 to 40 Wigmore St. London W1

15. Music for The Highland Bagpipe Collection & Compositions by PM John a MacLellan.

Pub By PM> John A MacLellan Edinburgh Castle Scotland

16. The Glenallan collection By PM W Norris.

Pub. Mozart Allan 84 Carlton place Glasgow C5

17. First Collection of Tunes By Iain Peterson 1978

Shian Music Grangemouth.

18. Highland Tunes for The Fiddle vols 1,2,& 3 # Including Accordion Bass & Chords.

Pub. Taigh Na Teud 5 Limepark Broadford Isle of Skye #

19. First & Second Ceilidh Collections #

Pub. Taigh Na Tued.

20. Session Tunes for Scottish Fiddlers #

21. The Lynelen collection of Original Compositions By The Late Doug Milne (SM Player)

Pub. Unknown.

22. The Cardean Collection Original compositions By Ian Cruickshanks

Pub Ian Cruickshanks.

23 Graeme Mitchell’s Collection of Original Compositions For Accordion, Fiddle & Bapipe

Pub Graeme Mitchell . Inchlonaig, Marquis Road, Huntly, Aberdeenshire. AB54 4SJ

Phone 01466 792195.

24. The MacPhail Collection of 42 Original Compositions By Iain MacPhail

Pub.Stebelin Music Co. Melrose.

25. The Ron Gonnella Collection of Fiddle Music Vol 1

Pub Mozart Allan Carlton Place Glasgow.

26. Lorne Collectionof Accordion 7 Fiddle Music By Charlie & Alastair Hunter

Pub Deeay Music Forfar.

27. The Jim Johnstone Collection of Original Compositions

Pub. Deeay Music Forfar

28. The Cheviot Collection of 82 Original Compostions For Accordion & Fiddle

By 38 Leading Players and Composers. Pub. Deeay Music Forfar.

29. Community Dances Manuals 1 to 4

Pub. English Folk Dance & Song Socty, Cecil Sharp House Regents Park Road

London N. W. 1

30. Middleton’s Selection of Strathspeys & Reels By Peter Milne

Pub. Bayley & Ferguson 2 Gt Marlborough St. London SW.

31. Scottish Dance Music for RSCD Books 8 to 14 By Winifred Bird Matthew

Pub. Patersons Publications 36—40 Wigmore St London W1

32. Old Scottish Music collected By Annie Shand

Pub. James S Kerr, 79 Berkeley St. Glasgow C3

33. The Border Book of Scottish Country Dances compiled By Elizabeth MacLachllan

Pub, McDougal’s Educational Co. Ltd. 30 Royal Terrace Edinburgh

34. 4 Accordion Solos ( continental) arranged by Jean Peyronnin as played By Will Starr.

Pub. James S Kerr. 79 Berkeley St Glasgow C3

35. Angus Fitchet Scottish Dance Album

Pub. James S Kerr. Galasgow C3


36. The Angus Fitchet Scottish Dance Album (With dance instructions By Hugh Foss)

Pub. James S Kerr. Glasgow C3

37. The Angus Fitchet Scottish Dance Collection .

Mozart Allan 84 Carlton Place Glasgow C5

38. The Music of Angus Fitchet Vols 1 to 3

Pub National Association of Accordion and Fiddle Clubs.

39. Bobby MacLeod’s Selection of Country Dance Tunes.

Pub. Mozart Allan 84 Carlton Place, Glasgow C5

40. Original Compositions For Accordion & Fiddle By Bobby MacLeod

Pub. Shian Music.

41. Scottish Accordion Music Collection By Douglas Muir.

Pub N/A

42. The Melrose Collection of Scottish Music

Pub. Stebelin Music Co. Melrose.

43. The Rob Gordon Dance Album

Pub. James S Kerr 65 Berkeley St. Glasgow G3

44. The Leaside Collection Of Composition of Bill Black

Pub. Deeay Music Forfar.

45. The Colin Dewar Collection of Original Compostions

Pub. Deeay Music Forfar.

46. The Grampian Collection 42 Original Compositions. Vol 1.

Pub. Deeay Music.

47. Calum MacLean Compositions Vols 1 & 2

Pub. Deeay Music

48. The Newcastle Collection of Country Dance Tunes

Pub. Newcastle Branch of RSCDS.

49. Eight Scottish country Dances by john M Duthie

Pub. Mozart Allan 84 Carlton Place Glasgow.

50. The Bert Shorthouse Album

Pub. N/A

51 Six Scottish Country Dances Music & Instruction by James B Cosh.

Pub. Mozart Allan 84 Carlton Place Glasgow.

52. The Complete Collection of Andrew Rankine Scottish Country Dance Tunes.

Pub. Newcastle Branch of The RSCDS.

53. The Dumfries Collections of Original Compositions by Ian Holmes.

Pub, Marian Music.

54. Ian Powrie’s Selection of Scottish Country Dance Tunes.

Pub. Mozart Allan 84 Carlton Place Glasgow.

55. Original compositions by Ian Powrie.

Pub. Deeay Music Forfar.

56 Angus Cameron Collection of Original Tunes.

Pub. Deeay Music Forfar.

57. The Lawrie Collection 77 Original Compositions by Three generation of The Lawrie’s

Pub. Deeay Music Forfar.

58. The White Heather Collection books 1 & 2

Pub. James S Kerr. 79 Berkeley St. Glasgow. C3

59. Kerr’s Thistle Collection By James Hunter

Pub. James S Kerr 79 Berkeley St. Glasgow C3

60. The Dance Music of Lindsay Ross.

Pub. N/ A

61. Dance Tunes Strung Together By Jack Stalker & Ian R Morrison

Pub. N/A


62. The Jimmy Shand Bagpipe March Book

Pub. Mozart Allan 84 Carlton Place Glasgow C5

63. Jimmy Shand Calling Scottish dances.

Pub. Mozart Allan.

64. Jimmy Shand’s Favourites.

Pub. Mozart Allan.

65. The Jimmy Shand Book of Waltzes Books 1 to 4

Pub. Mozart Allan .

66. Jimmy Shand’s Heath & Heather Album

Pub. Bayley & Ferguson Ltd 54 Queen St. Glasgow C1

67. The Jimmy Shand Album of Old Time Dance Music Vols 1 to 3

Pub. J H Larway 19 Hanover Square London W1

68. On Tour With Jimmy Shand.

Pub. James S Kerr 79 Berkeley Street. Glasgow C3.

69. Jimmy Shand Scottish Dance Album Books 1 and 2

Pub. James S Kerr 79 Berkeley Street Glasgow C3

70. Yours Aye ! by Jimmy Shand 6 Original Compositions

Pub. Charnwood Music Leicester, England.

71. Play Along With Jimmy Shand Vols. 1 & 2.

Pub. Charnwood Music Leicester.

72. Welcome Home, My Fisher- Lads Scottish Ballard.

Pub. Charnwood Music Liecester.

73. The Lang Toun Medley music by Jimmy Shand.

Pub. Charnwood Music.

74. Jimmy Shand’s Compliments to Three Bonnie Lassies. Pub. Charnwood Music.